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  1. ghazalkashani 2wk 4d ago

    Quote by yoneyu

    Quote by ghazalkashani awwww no Hiyori in it? ;o;
    but it's pretty and been a while didn't see arts from you Yoneyu!
    hope to see more soon <3

    Haha we I don't really like to draw more than one character per illustration XD
    But I might draw her and Yato at some point XD

    Thank you kindly, and sorry for the absence! Hope to see more art from you soon <3

    hello Yoneyu
    I understand and thank you for drawing one of both of them <3
    you're very welcome and also my apologies too because I am late as well and I hope to see more from you :)

  2. fireflywishes Retired Moderator 32wk 3d ago

    Quote by yoneyu Thank you for the fav sweetie<3 Hope you're doing well <3

    I'm doing well! Surviving... haha. Hope that everything is going well on your end too!

  3. Steffi1690 32wk 5d ago

  4. agent-Achika 32wk 6d ago!
    -thanx for ya gbp.
    -Fulfilled any of your
    New Yrs resolutions yet?
    -Got any big plans this yr?

  5. Steffi1690 33wk 1d ago

    Quote by yoneyu Simply beautiful! Thanks for the upload <3

    Glad you like it ^^

  6. myri-chan 34wk 4d ago

    I Wish You A Very Happy New Year 2016, Yoneyu! :)

  7. Steffi1690 34wk 4d ago

    Wishing you a Happy New Year 2016!

  8. agent-Achika 35wk 3d ago

    Merry Xmas Yoneyu!
    -Eat a ton of Xmas food?
    -Cook for the holiday?
    -Receive any gifts?

  9. Steffi1690 35wk 4d ago

  10. myri-chan 35wk 6d ago

    Thanks for your favs Yoneyu :3

  11. Masterchief80 36wk 6d ago

    Thanks Yoneyu for your fav.

  12. Tanya2000 38wk 5d ago

    Thanks for your fav